Putting Together a Vehicle Emergency Kit for Winter

Just as you would keep a first aid kit in the house or at your workplace, you should keep a vehicle emergency kit. It can be a lifesaver in case of extreme conditions. Preparing a vehicle emergency kit is necessary yearlong, but there are a few items that are especially helpful for winter road conditions and hazards.

1. Non-perishable food items

Keep non-perishable snacks in your car as well as bottled water. Be sure to pack enough for however many people are usually in your car. If you’re ever stuck or stranded it can save your life, and water is especially helpful if your water pump starts to go.

2. Flashlight

Always keep a flashlight on hand. You never know when you’re going to need it. LED flashlights are especially bright and useful if you’re on the side of the road at night. Keep a couple of spare batteries in your car as well just in case.

3. Windshield ice scraper

In the winter, this is must for your vehicle emergency kit. Go a step further and keep some deicer, too.

4. Multi-purpose tool

A multipurpose tool is best for any situation you might run into with a vehicle emergency. Choose one with a good pocketknife.

5. Work gloves, trash bags, small shovel and duct tape

These materials are pretty self explanatory and highly versatile in an emergency.

6. Road flares and triangles

These are self-explanatory as well. You should absolutely keep these in your vehicle all year long to let others know that you are a disabled vehicle and to drive with caution.

7. Bag of kitty litter

Cat litter is a great alternative to sand or salt if you ever need to free your car from heavy snow or an icy patch.

8. Classic Medical First Aid Kit

This is another necessity for a yearlong vehicle emergency kit.

There are a lot of other materials that you can keep in your vehicle emergency kit, but these are absolute musts. If you don’t want to prepare all of this yourself, there are pre-packed options available from Walmart, L.L. Bean, REI and even JCPenney.