Motorcycle Body Repair

Most people think that when you get in a motorcycle accident, you have to buy all new parts. That’s not always the case. A majority of the time those parts are repairable. Don’t throw in the towel just yet and sink money into new parts for your bike. We’ll evaluate the damage and give you a free estimate for your motorcycle body repair. If the part isn’t repairable, we won’t tell you otherwise just to get your business. Our number one priority is your safety on the road. If we can repair the body work, we’ll let you know the cost and the choice is yours. At least you’ll know that we’re here if you need us, and that we have your back.

Once all of the damage has been addressed, we can touch up your motorcycle’s paint job and apply a Candy Coat. We also offer custom airbrushing if you’re looking to give your motorcycle a new look as well as vinyl dye services.


Safety First

Before getting you back on the open road, we check your bike’s alignment, drive train and steering components. It is important to be absolutely certain that your motorcycle is in pre-crash condition. It’s not enough just to buff out the scratches and dings. We want you to be able to ride with utmost confidence. At Car Struction, our main concern is safety first.