Chief Auto Frame Repair Machines

If you’ve been in a major collision, our auto frame repair company can help. Our professionals will make your vehicle looking brand new again with our frame repair services. After an accident, your vehicle’s frame has been crunched. It’s been rendered un-drivable. While the damage looks crazy at first, there’s a reason it looks that way. The goal for modern vehicles is to reduce the force of the impact on you in a collision. If your car was made of more rigid material, you would experience the full force of the impact. Now, vehicles are made to crunch and collapse. This allows the passenger compartment to remain intact. While it looks excessive, that damage to your car saved you. But, this kind of damage can’t be restored by human hands. Hydraulics and torque are required to get the job done.

We use Chief Automotive Frame Machines to straighten your vehicle’s frame back to factory specifications. It provides multiple, simultaneous pulls with giant straight edges. The pulls are made with equalized pressure to prevent rolling, bending, tearing or ripping. Both of our benches can also handle pulling from 360 degrees easily. With our Chief Frame Machines, we offer the fastest and most accurate frame repairs possible. We also use Genesis Velocity Computerized Measuring to fully assess the damage in order to completely restore your vehicle. This also allows us to monitor the repair which ensures that your vehicle will handle correctly, and be safe to drive again. Let us be your auto frame repair company.

Don’t Drive With a Damaged Frame

Driving with a damaged frame can affect the balance and alignment of your vehicle. This will cause the car/truck to drift as well as incur uneven wear on your tires. And most importantly, if your frame is damaged, it is now far more vulnerable in the event of another accident. If it isn’t reset to factory restoration, it won’t provide the same protection that it once did. You’re now putting yourself and your other passengers at risk.

Our Professional Process

It all starts with a computerized measuring system. It reads exactly how far off your frame is from its original shape and integrity. Once we have a precise reading, we allow the Chief Frame Machine to work its magic. It is built to withstand tons of pressure, so it won’t flex or bend under the pulling forces. It performs multiple, simultaneous pulls under equalized pressure to prevent more damage to the vehicle.





Chief Frame Machines

Most efficient pulling system in the world. Both of our benches can easily handle pulling from 360 degrees and simultaneously pull in multiple directions.


The Genesis Velocity is the world’s most accurate frame measuring system. It provides full-color one page reports on the exact condition of your vehicle’s frame before, during, and after repairs have been made.