Auto Storm Damage Repair Services

Sometimes Mother Nature can be unforgiving. Storms can develop quickly and get out of hand fast. It can be difficult to prepare. Every once in a while, you and your vehicle can get caught up in a major storm. Hail storms can be particularly unavoidable. If your vehicle has been damaged by falling trees, debris, flood water or hail Car Struction can help. We offer Storm Damage Repair Services that range from Paintless Dent Removal and major frame work to replacing cracked windshields and broken windows. No matter how severe or extensive the damage, we can restore your vehicle to factory condition.

storm damage

Accidents Happen

We know that you’re a conscientious driver. You buckle your seatbelt and use your blinkers when merging into traffic. But, accidents can happen—especially during a storm. If you’ve been in an accident due to poor weather conditions, we offer 24/7 tow ins. There is nothing worse than losing control of your vehicle due to hydroplaning or hitting black ice. Your first thought is always the damage to your vehicle when colliding with another car or rail guard. Truth is, the damage to your vehicle greatly reduced the damage to you. Show your vehicle some love and gratitude by bringing it to Car Struction to repair. We’ll treat you and your vehicle right.

Carstruction F.A.Q.

Do You Work with Insurance Companies?

We work with all insurance companies, and in fact, we are a direct repair facility for many insurance companies. So, let us know who is your provider.

If My Vehicle’s Frame has Damage, is it a Total Loss?

Frame damage is no longer the nail in the coffin for a damaged vehicle. Modern equipment, techniques, and advanced expertise of the technician allow for even severely-damaged frames to be repaired. Of course, the less damage, the better the likelihood of saving the car.

Can Car Struction Match my Paint Color Exactly?

Absolutely. In addition to working with Porsche and Mercedes-Benz closely to keep paint formulations on hand, our paint technicians can flawlessly blend the new paint into the existing paint of your vehicle.

How Many Estimates Do I Need?

We work with your insurance company to establish an estimate, as do many collision repair centers. Getting multiple estimates is generally not advantageous, as they will all be nearly identical.

Do I Need an Appointment?

We do suggest scheduling an appointment through our easy-to-use form ahead of time. If you find yourself short on time, then please give us a call and we will fit you in as soon as we can.

What Happens if Additional Damage is Found After the Estimate?

Unfortunately, the first observation and inspection doesn’t always discover deep-down damages. During the course of repair, we may find further issues that need to be addressed. In this case, we will contact the insurance company for authorization to pay for any supplemental damages. Then we will notify you before we take further action.