Car Rental

Did you just get in an accident? You’re probably going to need a rental car. But after an accident, that is the last thing on your mind. The first step is to call your insurance company. Once you’ve found a collision repair shop that will take your insurance claim, you hop in the tow truck and off you go. But once you get to the body shop, how do you get home? You can call a friend or relative, but then how will you get to work the next day? No worries—Car Struction has you covered. We offer an on-site rental car service to get you to where you need to go until we have your vehicle ready for pickup. We’ll be sure to get your vehicle back to factory condition in a timely fashion. Long before you get sick of that rental, or homesick for your own vehicle. When it’s time for pickup, just drive the rental car back and ride off into the sunset with your newly renewed vehicle.

rental car

We have an on-site Enterprise terminal for all Geico and ARX customers. If you don’t have Geico or ARX, no worries! Enterprise will still pick you up and bring you to their facility to get your rental car.