Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

If you have been in any sort of collision, you definitely need to have your alignment checked. Whether it was a major collision, fender bender, or you simply didn’t see that curb, it has a major impact on your wheel alignment. Even general road conditions, such as potholes, can also affect your alignment. Symptoms that your alignment is off are:

  • Your vehicle is pulling to one side
  • Your tire tread is worn unevenly
  • You’re burning through gas quicker
  • Your vehicle seems to fight against the steering
  • Your steering wheel is off center

When your wheels are out of alignment, your tires don’t point in the right direction. This causes them to wear unevenly. Which doesn’t sound like a big deal. But honestly, it can greatly affect your safety. If your tread is worn, even unevenly, you don’t have the right amount of traction. Even driving on a beautiful sunny day. But add in factors like torrential downpours and icy road conditions and you’re at risk.

Alignment is measured in tenths and hundredths of degrees. So, if you’re noticing symptoms that you’re wheels are misaligned, it’s pretty bad. Improper alignment doesn’t just affect tire wear. It also can be detrimental to your suspension and brake shaft, which can be costly to repair.

At Car Struction, we implement computerized alignment services. The HawkEye High Definition Digital Imaging Wheel Alignment System employs patented technology that offers precision, high-speed alignment, and greater productivity. This system can diagnose your wheel alignment in just minutes. We can even provide you with a printout of your vehicle’s specs before providing any service. If you choose to have your alignment done, we can have you in, out and back on the road in less than an hour.

Precisely Straight

Hawkeye High Definition Digital Imaging Wheel Alignment employs patented technology to offer this shop multiple benefits of precision, high speed alignment, and greater productivity.

Good As New!

We’ll straighten your wheels, get you new tires if you need them and we will fill them with air or nitrogen, depending on manufacturer specifications.