In the Event that You’re Hit by an Uninsured Driver

In the event of a car accident, always make sure that everyone involved is okay first. If possible, pull over to the side of the road or a safe place. Once everyone is safe, call 911 to alert the police of your location. If the accident is minor with no injuries, take this time to check your car for damage. Now that you have an initial assessment of the situation, it’s time to exchange information.

But, what if the other party involved is an uninsured driver? In this case, there are several other things that you should do while still at the scene of the accident.

1. Request that the other driver shows you their ID and ask for their name.
2. Take photos of each vehicle, the damage incurred and the other driver’s license plate.
3. Take down notes of the damage and how the accident occurred. Most people won’t remember all of the details, so it’s best to get it down on paper right after it happened.

If the uninsured driver refuses to give their information (name and identification) or you feel uncomfortable gathering it by yourself wait for law enforcement to arrive. Tell the police what happened and also if there were any witnesses. The police will take down their statement(s) as well. They will then determine who is at fault and issue citations. At this time, be sure to get a copy of the accident report.

If the accident was determined to be the uninsured driver’s fault, your insurance company should cover the damages. But only if your have the extra uninsured or under-insured motorist coverage. If you don’t, you may have to sue the uninsured driver for damages. Your insurance company may attempt to collect from the uninsured driver, but you will most likely have to appear in court and testify as a witness and the victim.

Being hit by an uninsured driver can be a difficult and unpleasant experience. However, finding a reliable body shop to work with your insurance company to complete the necessary repairs in a professional and timely manner can soften the blow.