Repair Estimates Do Vary

Did you get into a car accident and receive repair estimates from multiple collision shops? I bet they were all different. There’s a reasonable explanation for this. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is trying to rip you off more than the other guy. It has to do with a few different factors. Here are 4 things to keep in mind when looking for a repair estimate for your vehicle:

1. The first estimate is a preliminary one. Estimates at a collision repair shop are written upon what is visibly damaged on the vehicle. There’s a possibility of hidden damages underneath that won’t be determined in a preliminary estimate. These damages can only be seen after your car is torn down for the repair.

2. Pricing on repair costs will vary based on where the shop gets the parts. For example, your insurance company may write the estimate using aftermarket or even used parts. When we write you an estimate, we base it upon using the best available parts for your vehicle, not necessarily aftermarket or OEM parts.

3. About 90% of preliminary estimates require a supplement. This is sent to your insurance carrier to ensure that all repairs are done properly. As a collision repair shop, we are required to send these supplements for you. But we know how to talk to insurance companies on your behalf. We will do whatever is in the best interest of you and your vehicle.

4. Finally, keep in mind that you have the right to choose who repairs your vehicle! It’s not up to the insurance companies. They cannot coerce you towards their shop. It is your choice. So, do the research before you get into an accident and find the repair shop that suits you.