Tips for Teaching your Teen Driver

Coaching your teen driver can be difficult. They have a tendency to be impatient, which is just because they’re itching for the freedom of the road. It can be a difficult task. Not only that, but the rules of the road have changed a bit. Because of this, we’ve compiled a list of driving tips to pass on to your millennial teen driver. The best way to ensure good driving habits and safety practices is by instilling these tips from the very start.

The first rule you want to instill in your teen is wearing their seatbelt. This wasn’t always mandated. It’s important to impress upon your teen the importance of wearing their safety belt, while also making sure that all of their occupants are wearing theirs. Young people aging from 15-24 only represent 14% of the population. However, they are responsible for 30% of motor vehicle injuries.

There are other safety guidelines that weren’t around when you were learning to drive. For example, cell phone usage. Using your cell phone while driving can be extremely dangerous and in many states, it’s also punishable by law. Kindly tell your teen that while you want them to have their cellphone in case of emergencies, that it shouldn’t be used while driving.

The old “keep your hands at 10 and 2” rule has also changed. Experts now agree that the optimal hand placement for a steering wheel is 9 and 3. It reduces the risk of arm injury in case of an accident. Bent and relaxed arms placed at 9 and 3 are less likely to be injured by a deployed airbag.

Finally, your teen driver’s biggest distraction will be their passengers. It can be exciting riding the town without parents, which can lead to horseplay. Discuss with your teen the importance of focusing on the road to keep them and their friends safe. We wish you the best of luck in coaching your teen driver.