Keeping your vehicle clean is not just a preference.

There are several benefits of spring cleaning your car.

Its not just about vanity and looks. Vehicles depreciate in value as soon as they’re driven off the lot. A well-kept clean car will hold its value longer, function better longer, and provide a healthy driving environment for you. That’s why we suggest spring cleaning your car.

What are the benefits?

Exterior Preservation

Over time your vehicle is exposed to dirt, dust, salt and other particles. Dirt can eat away at the car’s exterior paint exposing the sheet metal. This may cause rusting and corrosion which requires costly repair. Keeping the exterior of your car washed regularly can preserve your paint job and car body.

Prolonging Engine Life

Cleaning under the hood of your vehicle isn’t something most automobile owners consider doing, even during a routine wash. Doing this can help spot any leaks or engine problems before they worsen and keep your car running smoother and longer.

Staying Safer On The Road

This may seem strange, but having a clean vehicle helps to increase visibility for both you and other drivers on the road. Clean windshields, windows, and mirrors can help to reduce the risk of an accident.

Maintaining the Value

In the event you would want to resell your car, having it well maintained will help you sell it for top dollar. Washing it a few times here and there won’t do any good down the road. While the value won’t increase based on cleanliness, it won’t drop as much as a vehicle that isn’t well taken care of.

Staying Healthy

Yes. Having a clean car can actually keep you healthy. The dust, dirt, grime and particles that affect other areas your of your vehicle can be exposed to you as well. This can pose health risks such as Asthma or other breathing or respiratory issues.

If your vehicle is experience rust or corrosion from over exposure to dust, dirt or other particles bring it to Car Struction before it worsens. We can help you decide the best solution for your situation.