Assessing Senior Driving Safety

Driving safety isn’t a new topic for Car Struction. While we’re available as a reliable source for collision repair, we still encourage drivers of all ages to drive safely. But, senior driving safety is a topic that is often overlooked. Senior citizens have great confidence in their driving ability. However, there are a few topics that pertain just to senior citizens when it comes to driving safety.

We are all getting older every day. As we approach our golden years, our hearing, vision and mobility change. These are all pivotal senses when it comes to being an observant and cautious driver. Our driving relies heavily on our ability to see and hear especially. With these two senses dulled, the dangers of the road become more imminent. It’s also important to monitor our loved one’s reflexes. In the event of a sudden hazardous situation, we all need quick reflexes to respond in time. Furthermore, it’s recommended to find a vehicle that is easy for you and your loved ones to get in and out of.

Taking a refresher course in driving safety is recommended at any age, not just for senior driving. The rules of the road, or rather state laws, change frequently. Plus, you can even qualify for a discount on your insurance premiums. There are many courses available as well as self-assessment tools. AAA and AARP are a great resource for senior drivers. Overall, the goal is to help senior citizens maintain their lifestyle and independence while also considering their safety and keeping the roads safe for everyone.