Proper Wheel Alignment is More Important Than You Think

Machinery is finicky. Every mechanical thing that you own needs proper maintenance. You need to replace the air filters in your house for your HVAC system to work properly. You have to always remember to clean your dryer’s lint trap to reduce fire hazards. Your computer even needs to be updated frequently in order to maintain usability. Ever heard of the phrase, “a well-oiled machine?” Well, that’s because machines don’t work properly when not well maintained. Your wheel alignment is no different. It plays an important role in the performance of your car.

Think about your Safety

Just like all machinery, your car relies on precision to function safely and efficiently. Your tires can easily be misaligned. Usually, just from road conditions but maybe you also pulled through that parking spot, not realizing that there was a parking stop in front of you. Whatever the case, your alignment needs to be checked fairly regularly. Misaligned wheels can obviously lead to uneven wear on your tires. And you think, “So, what? That’s only costing me more money on tires!” True. But, think for a second how difficult it is to drive on a slick or icy road with new tires. When the tread is worn unevenly, it becomes increasingly more difficult. Not only that, but when your alignment is off, your vehicle will pull to the right or left. Imagine fighting that with uneven tread!

Think about your Car

Besides the important safety factor, improper alignment also puts unnecessary strain on your car and lead to other connected problems. For example, it can also affect your brake shaft performance. When your car pulls to one side, it can lead to problems in the steering system and cause uneven braking. And most expensively, misaligned tires can cause problems with your suspension. Your suspension is made up of delicately balanced parts. When your alignment is off, your suspension is soon behind it. This can cost a ton of money to replace.

Think about your Budget

By now, you get the picture. Getting your wheels aligned properly and regularly is important for your safety and your vehicle’s performance. However, it also saves you on gas! It may feel like an extra cost now, but in the long run it’ll pay for itself. Misaligned wheels and uneven tread lower your gas mileage. When your tread is off, your tires are under uneven pressure. This causes your vehicle to work much harder to get down the road and burns more gas as a result. With how many times you have to fill up at the pump, wheel alignment is a proper investment in your yearly budget.

Car Struction can service your vehicle, and get those wheels aligned fast. We implement the Hawkeye Alignment system to provide you with the most accurate alignment possible. It uses four digital cameras to measure the position of the wheels and orientation. Imaging sensors provide our technicians with the exact measurements and direction of the necessary adjustments for front and rear toe and camber adjustments. These measurements are made continuously as our technicians balance your wheels. This provides the highest level of accuracy achievable in wheel alignment today.

If you find that your car is pulling to one side, or that your tires are wearing unevenly, it’s time for a check up. Call our professionals at Car Struction to make an appointment today. It may save you money in the long run!