Motorcycles can be quite the thrill, but without having the experience it may not be the safest means of transportation. We have put together some motorcycle braking safety tips to prepare you for a safer ride. With two wheels and high speed, you’re already at a higher risk than a regular automobile. The best thing to do is practice motorcycle breaking safety and maneuvering with your motorcycle so you know how it handles in certain driving conditions or situations. You always want to be extra prepared for unexpected obstacles that can make your driving experience a bad one.

Braking. It seems so simple right? Not exactly. With a motorcycle, braking is a bit more strategic than pushing a pedal.These 4 motorcycle braking safety tips can help you handle braking when you’re forced to stop immediately:

1. Do not grab the handle and pull with all of your body weight. This is the most natural reaction to anyone without motorcycle driving experience. Even with an automatic breaking system, pulling that brake lever with maximum force could send you flying. Pump the breaks, much like you would do in a car. Pull hard, but not abruptly. Use progression to avoid your tires locking and losing control.

2. Use both front and rear brakes. Your front breaks may be doing most of the work, but the rear brakes are just as important. If you use only the front brakes, your rear tire will lift off of the ground and eject you forward. However, depending primarily on the rear brakes will not let you stop fast enough.
If you can hear your tires screeching against the pavement, you are braking too hard and have the potential to lose control of your bike.

3. Your weight has a lot to do with controlling your motorcycle. Weight distribution is a huge contributing factor to breaking. You can counteract the forward ejection by straightening and locking your arms to keep you and the bike steady and connected.

4. If there’s an object in your path, use the correct breaking technique as you counter-steer. Your automatic breaking system can assist here, and you can change your trajectory.