It’s that time of year when families and loved ones gather together to celebrate the holidays. Holidays mean travel and more traffic than most times of the year. To ensure your trip is safe and worry-free, here are some Holiday Travel Safety Tips to consider.

Before starting any trip, be sure your vehicle is tuned up and prepared for any road conditions:

• Check your oil and be sure to choose the right oil for the weather.
• Check your tire pressure and tread. A good estimate to use when comparing tire pressure to air temperature is for every 10 degrees Fahrenheit, tire pressure will adjust by 1 psi. For example: If the temperature decreases 10 degrees the tire pressure decreases 1psi.
• Make sure your windshield wipers are in good working condition with no visible dry rot.
• Have your brakes properly inspected in case of frequent or abrupt stops
• Clean your headlights and be sure they’re bright enough to see in inclement weather and be visible to oncoming traffic
• Travel with a full tank of gas, and avoid letting your tank get too low in case of emergency situations.

The condition of your vehicle is only the start to staying safe during Holiday Travel. To continue with our Holiday Travel Safety Tips, we’ve listed a few more things for you to consider:

• Check the weather before planning your trip
• Make sure to get plenty of rest before getting on the road, so you’re alert.
• Avoid distractions—Pull over to use phones or get directions.
• All passengers should be buckled up properly
• If you have car trouble, pull off the road as far as possible to avoid an accident.
• Keep your distance from other drivers
• Carry a First Aid kit, and a Roadside Emergency kit

If you become stuck in a winter storm, keep these tips in mind:

• Stay with your vehicle
• Use your roadside emergency kit and light flares around your vehicle so responders or service vehicles can find you easily (this may or may not be an option in the snow)
• Keep your headlights and emergency flashers on as long as possible or use a bright colored tie around your antennae.
• Use your heater sparingly. It is suggested only 10 minutes for every hour and have one window cracked to avoid fume inhalation.

With these Holiday Travel Safety Tips you can be rest assured you will get to your family festivities safely and worry-free. Take this list and check it twice. Happy Holidays!