Spring is a time for hail damage

The birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing and the storms are brewing. Spring is a time for hail damage. Honestly, hail damage can happen any time of the year, but since the majority of precipitation falls during spring and summer, it’s likelier to happen now. Hail is caused by updrafts in the atmosphere. These updrafts carry the precipitation into a freezing layer. As it forms, it gets heavier and falls to the earth—most likely onto your vehicle.

If you see a severe weather report, it’s probable that there could be some hail. Park your vehicle in a garage or under your carport. If these aren’t available to you, find some covered parking at a mall, office building or even a covered gas station and ride out the storm. Just be sure to not park under or close to any trees or branches that can fall on your vehicle. Last resort, place blankets over your vehicle and hope for the best. Be sure to duct tape them down though, so they don’t fly away in heavy winds.

In the event that your vehicle is damaged by hail, Car Struction can help. Most small dents and dings can be removed by paintless dent removal. This is a quick and easy process that massages the dents out of your vehicle without having to repaint. In the case of severe hail damage, your vehicle may need more extensive repairs. Hail damage varies from minor to severe depending on the storm. There is a chance that the falling hail can scratch right through your paintjob. Or that the dents are so many and concentrated that you need a new hood, etc. In any case, we can restore your vehicle to its original state, and get you back on the road.