Is Getting Your Car Repainted the Right Move?

Before you drive to your nearest auto body shop to get your car repainted, consider a couple of questions. Repainting your car is a job best done by a professional shop and to be done right can be time consuming and maybe pricey. Car Struction can help you decide if repainting is right for you.

First, is your car worth it? Sure you love it, but will repainting it affect the value? We believe that if repainting the car will cost more than 25% of the car’s value it might be best not to paint. So once we figure out the value of your car, we can estimate the cost of a new paint job. Classic cars could most benefit from repainting as well as used vehicles with low mileage. If you’re looking to sell a vehicle, repainting could be the difference in getting the return of investment you’re looking for.

Next, what color should you pick? It’s great to pick your favorite color for your car’s repainting, but it may not be best. It’s generally easier and less expensive to stay with your vehicle’s existing color. Making your car the color you’ve always wanted will make you happiest, just keep in mind that it may not add any value. Remember, too that changing color will require repainting areas that are normally hidden from sight such as the interior of the trunk and door jams.

Lastly, where should you go for repainting? Consider a shop that places prep work as a priority. A good paint job will take about 10 hours of prep for 1 hour of repainting. A good shop will remove parts that could interrupt the paint surface like the bumpers, taillights and mirrors. Alternately, low quality shops will just tape over those areas to avoid overspray. A good shop will repaint in a special booth with fans, heat lamps and paint guns and more than 20 layers of paint will be applied.

Car Struction has skilled, experienced painters who can take the worries out of your paint job. Ask us your questions, we’re happy to answer.