How Do You Find Your Auto Repair Shop?

When looking for an auto repair shop, there are a few things to consider. But our biggest piece of advice is: find the perfect repair shop before you need it! It’s an important decision and you don’t want to make it under pressure. For most people the consideration doesn’t come until you’re on the side of the road calling your insurance company. Well we’re here to outline how to find a quality auto repair shop and what to look for. We hope that you’ll consider us.

Finding a repair shop is like finding your primary care doctor. You interview, you test them but the real test comes when you truly need them. So, how do you know who to put your faith into? The best thing you can do is get referrals and check reviews. Ask your friends, your family and co-workers who they would recommend for auto repair. Then, take those recommendations and look them up. Five star reviews can be misleading. No major business gets five stars. And as compelling as their negative reviews can be really take stock in the good ones. They can be just as telling as the bad reviews. Additionally, check the BBB. You can easily inquire about the nature and resolution of their customer complaints.

There are also other ways that you can narrow down your search. Check the tidiness of the shop. A professionally run auto repair shop keeps a clean, well-organized facility with a kind and helpful staff. Finally, look for ASE certifications. Technicians are required to pass at least one specialty exam and fulfill two years of work experience to become ASE-certified. If they pass a range of exams, they earn Master Technician status. ASE requires technicians to re-test every five years to remain certified in order to keep up with technology. Each ASE professional is issued personalized credentials that list their exact area(s) of certification and the appropriate shoulder insignia.

So, take a peek! What’s the harm. Repair shops expect this sort of thing. You won’t hurt their feelings by asking a few questions. Do the research and take your time choosing your auto repair shop. Because when you really need them, you’ll be happy you took the time.