Driving Safely During Deer Season

Deer season is upon us. That means those little critters are much more active. You may spot a pair of glowing eyes in the dusk, but it doesn’t mean much until they’re 2 feet from the front of your bumper. It’s the most natural reaction to freeze in panic when a deer jumps in front of your car, and then there is the damage left after the initial shock. There are many safety measures you can implement to ensure your safety while driving during deer season.

Look for a sign. Keep an eye out for any warning signs of deer crossing or reduced speed limits. The more attentive you are and the slower you’re driving greatly increase your chances of spotting a deer in the distance.

Don’t get out of your car. If you do happen to hit a deer, let it be. A deer in fear can be a potential hazard to you. Call local authorities and inform them of your situation. Never try to help or move the deer on your own.

Keep the high beams blaring. It’s obvious that you can’t do this in heavily populated areas where traffic is always oncoming, but when visibility is reduced in the dark, turn on the high beams. This will enable you to see moving objects and animals in the distance and allow for more reaction time.

Click it! Always keep your seatbelt fastened. Nearly 200 fatalities in previous years were due to animal involved accidents. Don’t become a statistic, because you simply didn’t buckle up.

If your car is crumpled or dented as a result of a collision with a deer or any other large animal, you may be in need of collision repair. We are here to help. Stop by today for a free estimate.