A Connected Car is the New Industry Standard

Smartphones keep us more connected than ever before. They allow us to be just a touch away from our entire lives. That is everything that we have going on as well as a complete resource for any off-the-wall questions we have always wanted the answer to. Now, we’re able to integrate that technology into our vehicles to create a fully connected car.

For those of us who have seen Knight Rider, we now all have our own “Kitt.” If you haven’t seen Knight Rider, look it up you’re already on your smartphone. A fully connected car allows us to do so many things that were just a dream before. Your car now responds to voice commands. Integrate with your phone, you can tell it to call, text or email someone. It will also read responses aloud for you so you can keep your eyes on the road. With a connected car, you now have internet-enabled navigation with real-time traffic. Your integrated navigation will even give you step by step directions as you’re driving down the road.

These features are only the beginning. The connected car has quickly become standard. They are so much safer to drive that insurance companies are even rewarding their customers with price breaks for integrating this technology in their older vehicles. As a collision repair shop, we’re all about safety. Anything that you can do to drive more focused on the road the better. With the advent of cell phones, there was a rise in fender benders. When texting was introduced, there were more and more accidents caused by running red lights or stop signs. But now with the connected car, we’re getting back to focusing on the road. However, they are no replacement for driving safety. Connected cars are not a guarantee. You still need to practice safe driving skills and be vigilant when on the road.