Set Your Vehicle Apart with a Custom Paint Job

We all love to have options. Customization is something that everyone enjoys. It allows you to show a little bit of your personality through every aspect of your life. Whether it is a protective cover for your phone or tablet, or even a custom mailbox to set your home apart from the rest of the neighborhood, we all like to stand out. Car Struction is here to help you stand out while you’re on the road. Your vehicle will be the envy of the town with our custom paint services. We offer color changes, candy coat, airbrushing, fades, matted finishes and even vinyl dye services for your interior.

If you’re feeling bored with your vehicle’s factory finish, try a color change. We mix custom paints, so if you’re in the mood for a particular color, we can match it. Dealerships only offer a few colors. While you may have picked your favorite out of the few, let’s face it, you were settling. Your color options aren’t limited with Car Struction.
Go a step further and opt for the candy coat. It will give your vehicle a superior shine, making the surface appear wet and glossy. If you’re not into the gloss, go with a matted finish. It’s rising in popularity, and can even serve a practical purpose if you’re into hunting.

We also offer color fades. Can’t decide between your two favorite colors? Why not do both! You get the best of both worlds with a custom fade. Airbrushing is another option. Stick with a solid color as a backdrop to your mural. You can show pride and dedication to your favorite sports team or just let everyone what you’re about. With custom airbrushing, there is no limit to what your vehicle can represent.

We don’t just customize the exterior of your vehicle either. If you’d like an interior to match the style of your new paint job, we have you covered. We offer solvent and water-based dyes to color seats, armrests and even dashboards.

Customize with Car Struction, and you’ll be proud to show it off.