Just A Few Driving Tips to Keep You Safe on the Road

Hampton Roads is full of traffic. Most people commute for work. Driving through each city poses different challenges due to traffic and constant construction. It can be overwhelming at times. Before hitting the streets, consider these driving tips to keep you safe out there.

1. The best thing you can do before getting out on the road is familiarizing yourself with directions. Limit the amount of times you need to glance at your GPS. Driving on the highway especially can leave you vulnerable to sudden stops. Driving through the city increases your chance of having to avoid pedestrian traffic.

2. Look out for one-way streets. There’s nothing worse than driving through an unfamiliar area and realizing that you’re on the wrong side of the road! Cities are full of one-way streets. Be mindful of them to avoid making a sudden last minute swerve.

3. Research driving laws. Surprisingly, not all traffic laws are posted on street signs. It’s best to look these up to ensure that you’re not making an illegal right turn at a red light.

4. Look at for bicyclists. They are commuters, too and they have the right of way. Be sure to yield to them in traffic and look out for bikers when making turns and changing lanes.

5. Sharpen your parallel parking skills. Finding parking in the city can be challenging. Sometimes, your best option is to parallel park. It can be intimidating parking with traffic piling up behind you. Brushing up on your skills can make parking in the city much easier.

6. Keep change in your car. Most tolls are done by taking a picture of your license plate and billing you, but you never know when you might need change for a toll or parking meter.

Ultimately, the best driving tip we can offer is to remain calm and patient in traffic. Take your time. It’s the best way to ensure your safety and the safety of others on the road.