How do you know which auto body shop is right for you?

Auto body shop estimates can vary widely. You can go to one shop and get an estimate for $500 and then go to another shop for the same work and get an estimate of $1000. Why the discrepancy and what should be the deciding factor in which one to pick?

Pay attention to word of mouth. Any shop can make great claims, but if your friends and family like the work and service they’ve received then that’s the shop to use. It could be a big or small operation, but if your friends feel they got a good job at a fair price then that speaks volumes.

Don’t be afraid to get several estimates. See if a shop will match a competitor’s estimate. Keep in mind, the lowest quote might not be the best bet. If a shop gives you an incredibly low price, consider that there may be something they’re not doing. This could bring you major problems down the road.

Asking questions is key. Knowing which questions to ask can be difficult. Some important things to understand up front are: “Does the shop offer a written warranty?” “How long is the warranty?” “What does the warranty cover?” You should get a minimum of a 1 year warranty on parts and services. If a shop offers you a lifetime warranty, reconsider as that really isn’t realistic. Ask “Does the shop carry fire and theft insurance?” “Will the shop be using new, used or aftermarket body parts?” Aftermarket parts can be just as good depending on the damage to your car and can make significant savings on your bottom line. However, they may also not be adequate depending on your vehicle.

Trust your intuition when you’re picking your auto body shop. If a shop isn’t busy, maybe it’s because it’s got a bad reputation. If it’s disorganized, maybe that’s a reflection of the work they’ll do. Will the staff readily answer your questions? You want to feel comfortable with the people doing the work on your car. At Car Struction we have an educated staff, great prices and the best knowledge in the business. We’ll do great work, treat you right and offer you a fair price.