Precise Frame Repair with Chief Frame Machines

If you’ve been in a major accident, you need to get your frame repaired and realigned. Statistically, about half of all accidents require a frame repair. Car Struction uses Chief Frame Machines to bend and pull your frame back to perfect condition. It’s amazing how easily your frame can get out of alignment. Sometimes, it only takes a low-speed collision. This can get you thinking, “are body shops and dealerships in cahoots?”

Actually, there’s a very good reason why your car crumples even on low-impact. It’s to protect you and whoever else is in the cab. By crumpling more than vehicles used to when they were made of different materials, it allows your vehicle to absorb more of the shock from the crash. It can keep you from sustaining more than minor injuries in most cases.

Thank your Car with an Accurate Repair

It’s easy to be more upset about the state of your car when you’re not in a neck brace. But if you’re in this situation, look and the car, then look at the small bruise you have, then look at the car. You dodged a bullet, my friend! Your car took care of you, now it’s time to take care of it. Don’t hesitate to get your frame repaired quickly. Driving on a misaligned frame can cause major problems for your vehicle. It can affect your balance and alignment which can ruin your tires as well as your suspension. It can also cause your vehicle to drift! Plus, your vehicle saved you once, but if you continue to drive around in its current state and get in another accident, you’re not going to be so lucky.

So, bring your vehicle into Car Struction. We’ll restore your beloved car to factory specifications with our Chief Frame Machines. They offer the fastest and most accurate frame repairs in the industry. The Chief Frame Machines provide us with a computerized measurement of your vehicle’s frame. With the factory specs already loaded, the machine pushes and pulls the frame to the correct measurements. Our technicians are even able to focus in on specific areas of your frame to get the most precise repair possible.

Don’t delay, call Car Struction for your auto frame repair needs. We’ll be happy to provide an estimate.