Auto Frame Repair

Accidents happen. We all try to practice safe driving skills. We know to use our turn signals when changing lanes. We come to a complete stop when we approach a stop sign to give us enough time to look both ways before crossing. And we do our best to obey speed limits and stay out of other drivers’ blind spots. But, let’s face it—does everyone? We are all guilty of driving recklessly from time to time. It’s impossible to be vigilant 100% of the time about safe driving practices. This is why automobile accidents are unavoidable. And half of all accidents incur damage that requires auto frame repair.

It’s surprising how crumpled your vehicle can get even after a low speed collision. It almost seems that it’s a more recent development. If you’ve owned an older vehicle, you could get into a fender bender once a week, and you would hardly see a scratch. The adage comes to mind, “they just don’t make things like they used to.” It even creates the impression that it’s a way for body shops and dealerships to make more money off of you. But, there’s a practical reason that your vehicle crumples under the pressure. When you get in an auto accident, your vehicle absorbs the shock from the collision. The goal of your vehicle is to reduce the force of the impact on you in the cab. If your car or truck were built with a more rigid material, as they were in the past, you would feel the full force of the crash. This is precisely why vehicles are made to crumple and collapse—to provide as much protection to the passengers as possible.

If you have been in a major collision that has caused damage to your vehicle’s frame, it’s important to get it fixed immediately. Driving with a damaged frame can affect the balance and alignment of your vehicle. This will cause the car/truck to drift as well as incur uneven wear on your tires. And most importantly, if your frame is damaged, it is now far more vulnerable in the event of another accident. If it isn’t reset to factory restoration, it won’t provide the same protection that it once did. You’re now putting yourself and your other passengers at risk.

This is precisely why it’s important that every collision repair shop has an auto frame repair machine. We use Chief Automotive Frame Machines to push or pull your vehicle’s frame back to life. With these machines, we offer the fastest and most accurate repairs possible. Your vehicle will come into the shop a crumpled mess, and leave in factory specification. It all starts with a computerized measuring system. It reads exactly how far off your frame is from its original shape and integrity. Once we have a precise reading, we allow the Chief Frame Machine to work its magic. It is built to withstand tons of pressure, so it won’t flex or bend under the pulling forces. It performs multiple, simultaneous pulls under equalized pressure to prevent more damage to the vehicle. This impressive frame machine even allows our technicians to isolate certain areas for an efficient and incredibly accurate repair. We are even equipped to service large trucks and SUVs. So, don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle into Car Struction.