3 Safety Spring Driving Tips to Consider

With spring rolling around, the winter rain and snowstorms are finally settling down but that doesn’t mean the winter hazards are completely over. Weather related accidents make up nearly 1,259,000 of all car crashes each year. As the snow melts, wet pavement becomes a dangerous reality that you need to be weary of. Here are some Spring Driving Tips that can help you stay safe on the road this season.

1. Heavy Rainstorms

Driving through heavy rain is a dangerous reality that all people face on the roadways. A few things that you need to keep tabs on are your windshield wipers, windshield wiper fluid, and your tire condition. New windshield wipers are a must have when dealing with heavy rain fall and maintaining a clear windshield. You also need to make sure you have a consistent amount of windshield wiper fluid at your disposal. In order to avoid hydroplaning, the tread of your tires needs to be in good condition.

2. Water on Roadways

When an influx of snow begins to melt, storm drains can become overwhelmed, which leads to the formation of deep puddles on roadways. Driving slowly through puddles is a safe technique because it reduces the chance of sliding and helps avoid hard impacts on objects that could be below the water. Hydroplaning is a huge hazard because it causes your vehicle to glide on top of the water, and not make contact with the road. Traveling slowly is key in avoiding these hazards.

3. Slush and Mud

Unlike water which causes hydroplaning, slush on the roadway makes lane changes extra challenging by creating a resistance barrier between your tires and the road way.

Always drive slowly during this transitional phase of the spring season, sunny weather is on its way and the best way to stay safe starts on the road.