Auto Body Shop vs. Auto Repair Shop

Your car needs a little work after a minor fender bender, but you find yourself wondering, “What’s the Difference between auto body shop and an auto repair shop?” After all, it sounds like both work on cars and could potentially get your car looking its best.

There is a difference between an auto body shop and an auto repair shop. Here’s what you need to know.

Auto Body Shops

Your car consists of two primary areas: the body (responsible for holding passengers, the engine, and all the other components in your car) and the engine (the part that allows your car to move).

An auto body shop handles repairs that are related to your car’s body, including its exterior components and non-moving parts.

Some repairs that an auto body shop (also known as a collision center) can complete include:

  • Fixing dents in your car’s sheet metal
  • Painting your vehicle or restoring your current paint color
  • Replacing damaged components, including bumpers, body panels, and doors
  • Fixing or replacing damaged glass

An auto body shop completes both minor repairs and major automobile restorations. It’s a misconception that repairs completed by an auto body shop are only cosmetic.

Your vehicle certainly looks better when the body, paint, and windows aren’t damaged. After all, your vehicle’s body is its primary support system.

Without the body, your car could literally collapse. If work pertaining to your car’s body isn’t properly completed, your vehicle won’t have the support it needs to protect you during a collision.


How Much is Full Body Work on a Car?

The price of full body work on a car ultimately depends on the exact work being completed and the make and model of your car.

It can cost between $600-$10,000 to repair the frame of a vehicle while repairing a car’s paint job will run between $1,000-$5,000.

Factors that affect the cost of full body work on a car include:

  • The vehicle’s make, model, and trim (parts for certain vehicles are more expensive and some cars require more labor to fix)
  • What components are damaged (it’s more expensive to replace or fix multiple parts)
  • Whether your paint can be touched up (touching up a vehicle’s paint job is significantly cheaper than painting the whole car)
  • Whether a part can be fixed or requires replacement (replacement is usually more expensive)

Some auto body repair shops also handle vehicle alignments. After a collision, it’s common for a vehicle to require a wheel alignment to make sure that the vehicle drives straight and the tires wear evenly and maintain their full lifespan.


When Does a Vehicle Need Auto Body Work?

A vehicle usually doesn’t need auto body work as part of its regular maintenance schedule. Instead, vehicle owners commonly need body work done after a collision with another car or building.

Even a minor accident can cause significant body damage. This is one reason that it’s essential to have your vehicle checked out after a seemingly insignificant collisions.

Weather is another reason you might need body work. Hail that’s a quarter of an inch or larger in diameter can cause minor damage, while hail that’s an inch or more in diameter is likely to cause moderate to severe damage.


Auto Repair Shops

An auto repair ship completes repairs and maintenance tasks that are related to the car’s engine.

Tasks that an auto repair shop can complete include:

  • Changing your oil and filters
  • Diagnosing unknown vehicle problems
  • Replacing your brake components
  • Repairing damaged or worn-out engine components
  • Putting on new tires
  • Fixing parts that wear out due to driving (like belts or hoses)
  • Repairing electrical issues
  • Fixing your car’s AC or heat
  • Repairing your exhaust system
  • Checking your fluids

Services provided by an auto repair shop help keep your vehicle running and ensure that your vehicle is offering you peak performance.

For example, an auto repair shop can replace your car’s air filter to prevent dirty air from affecting your gas mileage and overall power.

Or, if your vehicle is having trouble accelerating, an auto repair shop will work to diagnose and fix the issue.


How to Find an Auto Body Repair Shop

So now you know the answer to “What’s the Difference between auto body shop and an auto repair shop?” When seeking auto body work, it’s important to utilize a reputable shop that stands by its work. Online reviews are typically helpful for finding an experienced auto body repair shop, or you can ask friends and family for a referral.

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