Color Change

With our custom auto painting services, we offer superior color matching as well as color changes. Our technicians are skilled in auto-detailing. So, come on in for a touch up or set your vehicle apart with a custom color change.

Candy Coat

Candy Coat is a detailing spray that makes the surface of your vehicle look wet and glossy. It also gives chrome a superior luster, and is safe to use on leather, vinyl, glass, fiberglass and motorcycle windshields. Give your vehicle an unbeatable shine with Candy Coat.


At Car Struction, we want to help you express yourself with custom airbrush art. Whether it’s a mural, custom graphics or flames, we have you covered.


Why choose one solid color when you could go with a fade? Choose any two colors to fade from, and we’ll work our magic. Talk to our customization specialists about your options.

Matted Finish

Instead of glossy, go matte! We offer sleek matte finishes for all vehicles. Whether you need it to remain incognito when you go hunting, or you just prefer it, Car Struction can deliver superior results.

Vinyl Dye

We also offer solvent and water based vinyl dyes to color seats, armrests, dashes, ect. Our product is extremely versatile and can restore the luster of many of your vehicle’s surfaces. Inside and out, we can make your vehicle the envy of any gear head.