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Dents happen, and are not always in our control. Sometimes they can occur due to harsh weather or maybe from a shopping cart that bumps into your car in the parking lot. However, you do not always have to visit a professional to fix a dent in your car. If you have the materials, you can easily fix a dent at home, at no cost to you at all. Not only do you save a lot of money, but you also get to learn how to repair damage that could have taken a lot of time to fix at a repair shop, due to long queues. This applies to both smaller and larger dents. 

Things To Consider

Small dents are an easy fix, and are very tempting to try and fix on your own. However, do keep in mind that any additional damage done in the process of trying to fix an existing dent may void warranty or insurance. Sometimes dents are not repairable. This can be determined by a professional. But, in cases in which they are, make sure to do research beforehand. Research the type of car you own, as well as instructions for repairing dents. If you do not properly research, you may end up causing extra damage to your vehicle.

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Supplies Needed For The Job

When planning to fix a dent at home, it’s necessary to have the right materials. One of the most important tools for an at home dent fix is a plunger. The plunger’s grip helps you push out the dent from the inside. For additional help in loosening the dent, you may need a hammer. Along with those tools, you will want to have a cloth or foam on hand, to cover the dent while working. Lastly, a putty knife to fill the dent once it is in a good state. With smaller dents, you may just need a hairdryer.


Step-By-Step Instructions


Looking to fix your dent at home? Review the following steps to ensure no additional damage is done to your vehicle:

Before you start, clean the area around the dent to ensure any extra residue is taken off. This ensures that the repair will be done cleanly and neatly.

For smaller dents, use a hairdryer and blow the air onto the dent until the dent pops out. This works as the heat applied through the air from the hair dryer helps bring out the dent.

For larger dents, a plunger would be a necessary tool. Apply water on the dented area of the vehicle, then place the plunger on the dent and push and pull until the dent comes out.

Once the dent has been repaired, you will want to smooth out the area.

Get Help Today!

In conclusion, repairing a dent can be done home. If you research properly, you can successfully fix a dent without causing further damage to your vehicle. Next time you get a dent, see if you can repair it at home. If not, take it to a local repair shop, like Carstruction!