Busting the Myth about OEM Parts

When you get into an auto accident and need a repair, where do you go? Most people think that if they want the original factory parts, or OEM parts, that they need to bring their vehicle back to the dealership. After all, aren’t they the only ones with access to the original equipment? This is a common misconception. The truth is if you need your car or truck repaired, you can bring it wherever you want for a repair. The choice is completely yours.

Aftermarket parts are anything that made by any company other than the OEM, or original equipment manufacturer. At Car Struction, you can trust us to work with your insurance company to get OEM parts for your vehicle. We don’t compromise on the quality of parts used on your vehicle either. If you choose to use aftermarket parts, we make sure that they are comparable to OEM parts and will not compromise the integrity of your vehicle. Insurance companies tend to go with the cheapest option, but that’s not what you’re paying them for. And that’s not how we choose to do business.

Bottom line is that you aren’t restricted to the dealership with you get into an auto accident. If you choose to bring your vehicle into Car Struction, you can rest assured that you will still receive the best care. You can also be confident that you’ll get the original factory parts that were made specifically for your vehicle. We also offer a 100% money back guarantee on all parts and service. So, you can’t lose with us. If you’ve been in an auto accident in the Hampton Roads area, trust Car Struction to get you the best parts and a quality repair. Call us today, and bring your vehicle in for an estimate.