Not sure what to do before and after the auto body repair?

So you’re ready to get your vehicle repaired, but you are really starting to stress over it. While auto body repair can be a daunting process, a small fortune, and a time consuming task, it is also a necessary one. Let’s be real, you want your vehicle back to the way it was before your accident. That’s totally acceptable, but now what? You still need to know what to do before and after the auto body repair.

Once you’ve been in a collision, then the chaos begins. Now, you’re working with the insurance companies and auto repair shops. The best thing to do is not panic, but follow these simple steps to ensure a smooth and painless process. We feel these tips might make you feel more comfortable when dealing with auto body repair.

Before the repairs


1. Understand your insurance policies.

Make sure you prepare for any situation by having an understanding of your insurance policy. You can call your insurance provider or login to your account to see what type of coverage you have. Your insurance provider can sometimes give useful advice as well. Consider the cost of auto body repairs when reviewing your insurance policy and deductible amounts. You want to be financially comfortable if you’re ever in a collision and need to pay an out-of-pocket deductible up front. Shop around and compare options.

2. Understand the scope of the damage.

Make sure you ask questions and do research. Doing your research is never a bad thing and is always helpful. Do not agree to anything without knowing exactly the parts that need to be replaced and the work being performed. Have the repair shop write down a list of all parts and repairs prior to doing any work. They might even suggest a few locals spots to get the repairs done. You can always shop around. Have plenty of options in your pocket.

After the repairs


1. Get an itemized bill.

Once the repair shop is finished, request an itemized bill. Have the repairman or shop manager walk you through the list of repairs and confirm the work completed.

2.Inspect The Work

Keep your itemized bill and ask the repairman or shop manager to walk you around the vehicle and point out what was fixed. This also gives them the opportunity to explain if they had any issues during the repair process. Feel free to also take pictures.

3.Take a Test Drive

Take your car for a ride. Listen real closely for any abnormalities that could indicate that the repairs weren’t done correctly or that there may be other issues not yet taken care of.

Do not be afraid to talk with your auto body repair shop. At Car Struction, we make sure you’re satisfied and that you can’t tell your vehicle was ever damaged. If you want work you can trust, Call us. We are always here for you to provide the very best solution!